The Book

Art Denomme published his book on the history of the Denomme family, "Denomme - 400 years of family" in March 2005.

The book has 553 pages of information.  Over 4170 present and past "CuZins" can be found in the book, as well as information on over 3390 marriages. Fourteen generations of family are recorded reaching back to Simon de Lomel in Picardie, France in the early 1600's and his son Claude, who came to New France in the mid 1660's. Art Denomme

Art completed a great deal of his research in his home city of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, as well as in North Bay, Toronto, Belle River, Windsor, Ottawa (all of which are in Ontario), and Hull, Joliette, Trois Rivieres and Ile d'Orleans (in Quebec).

This book would not be possible, or as complete, without the assistance of many contributors.  e-mail made the sharing of family information easier and more timely and many people have wanted to know more about their roots, and shared information about themselves as well.  

Four individuals, working on the Denomme family tree, generously shared their extensive research with Art.  This data has added greatly to what he had, and has assisted in confirming the accuracy of his material. 

The four major contributors were:

Jean-Marc Denomme, of Trois Rivieres, Quebec (below left) and
Philip Denomme, of Windsor, Ontario (below right)

Jean-Marc DenommePhilip Denomme

Yolande Ducap Denommee, of Boucherville, Quebec (below left) and
Daryl (Rockdigger) DeNomme, of Las Vegas, Nevada (below right)

Yolande Ducap DenommeDaryl DeNomme

Why write another book?

Theophile Denomme researched and published three books on the genealogies and family histories of families that settled Huron County, Ontario. Those books included a great deal of genealogical information on the Denomme family.  

His first book was Our French Ancestry in Huron County 1631 - 1976.
The second was Our French Canadian Ancestry 1631 - 1982.
The third was Our French Canadian Ancestry in Huron County 1631 - 1990.

Art has been asked: "If Theophile has already written three books chronicling the Denomme genealogy, why do another?"   In the introduction to his third book, Theophile wrote:

"I hope and trust that many will accept this as an inspiration and only a beginning, and (they will want) to continue their family tree for years to come".

Art would like to think that Theophile would have approved of this book project as a natural continuation of what Theophile had begun.  Theophile has been an inspiration to Art, and he has accepted the challenge to "continue".

Art also felt that Theophile's purpose was not to produce a book that dealt only with the Denomme genealogy.  Rather, Theophile's books include family histories of many of the original settlers of Huron County ... Rau, Ducharme, Durand and Tessier to name a few.  Art's book, by contrast, deals exclusively with the Denomme family wherever they may have settled. He hopes it includes as many Denomme's, past and present, as possible.


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