Art's Paternal Tree

Interestingly, all Denomme share the same tree as Art ... for the first four generations. The fifth generation saw five sons born to Joseph and Marie-Celeste (Joseph, Jean-Baptiste, Bonaventure, Charles and Ambroise). Those five would form the branches of the family we know today. Below, is Art's paternal tree ...

SIMON de LOMEL    Born in the early 1600's in St-Jean-de-Rouvray, Abbeville, Picardie, France.  Married in the 1620's in St-Jean-de-Rouvray, Picardie, France to JEANNE CEILIER.  Simon died sometime after September 21, 1669 in St-Jean-de-Rouvray, France.

CLAUDE DE LOMEL    Born on May 30, 1627 in St-Jean-de-Rouvray, Abbeville, Picardie, France.  Claude signed a marriage contract on September 21, 1669 and married on October 3, 1669 in Ste. Famille, Ile d'Orleans, New France under the name Claude Delone to DENISE LECLERC.  Claude died on November 8, 1695 in St. Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, New France.

BERNARD DELOMAY    Born on August 27, 1673 in Ste. Famille, Ile d'Orleans, New France.  Married on June 14, 1694 in St. Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, New France to MARIE-MADELEINE BADAILLAC.  A second marriage took place under the name of Delome, in 1707 in La Chevrotiere, New France to MARIE ANGELIQUE MARCOTTE.  Bernard died on August 1, 1753 in Deschambault, New France.

JOSEPH DELOME    Born about 1700-1701 in St. Antoine-de-la- Chevrotiere.  Married on June 3, 1726 in Deschambault, New France to MARIE-JEANNE GRIGNON.  Joseph died on November 11, 1740 in Lanoraie, New France.

JOSEPH DENOMME    Born on January 23, 1730 in Grondines, New France.  Married on September 16, 1754 in Ste. Genevieve, Berthier, New France to MARIE-CELESTE GILBERT-COMTOIS.  Joseph died on December 25, 1813 in St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec

AMBROISE DENOME    Born on September 7, 1773 in Ste. Genevieve, Berthier, Quebec.  Married on July 3, 1797 in St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec to MARIE CHARLOTTE HOUDE.  A second marriage took place on March 2, 1835 in Ste. Elisabeth, Joliette, Quebec to GENEVIEVE BONIN.  Ambroise died on April 9, 1857 in St. Charles Borromee, Joliette, Quebec.

PIERRE DENOMME    Born on November 26, 1804 in St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec.  Married on June 26, 1827 in Ste. Genevieve, Berthier, Quebec to URSULE-JULIE GODIN.  Pierre died on December 20, 1876 in St. Damien de Brandon, Berthier, Quebec.

JEAN EVANGELISTE DENOMME     Born on February 27, 1849 in St. Thomas, Quebec.   Married on August 26, 1872 in St. Jean de Matha parish, Berthier, Quebec to ADELINE JOLY.   Evangeliste died before June 10, 1898.

ISRAEL EVANGELISTE (Joe) DENOMME    Born on October 2, 1880  in Acton Vale, Quebec.  Married on December 9, 1907 in L'Outaouais Church, Hull, Quebec to DELIA BENOIT.  Joe died on March 24, 1966 in Copper Cliff, Ontario.

ALCIDE JOSEPH DENOMME    Born on September 29, 1919 in O'Donnell, Ontario.  Married on January 25, 1946 in the Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury, Ontario to EDITH MAY CORNTHWAITE.  Alcide died on May 12, 1967 in Sudbury, Ontario.

ARTHUR JOSEPH DENOMME    Born in Sudbury, Ontario.  Married in North Bay, Ontario to DENISE MARIE CHRETIEN.


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