Renowned .. or Famous Denomme's

What constitutes a "renowned or famous" Denomme is certainly open to interpretation .. in this case Art's. There are a number of past and present "CuZins" that have, for one reason or another, distinguished themselves. Here are a few of those individuals.

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CLAUDE DELOMEL ... renowned, by Denomme's of course, for coming to New France in the 1660's and starting this family. More about Claude can be found on the "Family Origins" web page.

JEANE LEMELIN ... yes we know she is not a "Denomme", but as the grand daughter of Claude Delomel and Denise Leclerc, we felt she qualifies. Her claim to fame (so to speak) was marrying Charles Joliette in 1717. Charles was the son Louis Joliette, the famous french explorer of the late 1600's.

ALEXANDRE JOSEPH DENOMEY ... the only Denomey (Denomme) that we know of, that has been in Canada's Who's Who. Born in 1904 in Chatham, Ontario, the son of Alexander Denomme and Marie Brisson. In 1923 he joined the Basilian Fathers and was ordained to the priesthood in 1928. He took his graduate studies at Harvard University, where he obtained his doctor's degree, and won a Sheldon Travelling Fellowship which enabled him to spend a year at the Sorbonne, in France. Arriving in Toronto in 1935, he spent the next 22 years at the University of Toronto as chair of Comparative Literature. Father Denomy published a considerable number of books and articles on Medieval studies. He was recognized in 1947 with a Guggenheim Fellowship. Membership in the Royal Society of Canada followed in 1948. Alexandre died in 1957.

THOMAS DENOMME ... son of Gerald Denomme and Dorothy Lane. He was a Vice-Chairman of Chrysler in Detroit. He retired in December of 1997 and became a Chair of the Michigan Gaming Control Board the same year.

JEFF DENOMME ... son of Donald and Cecelia Denomme. Jeff is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario. You have to admit ... if you are Canadian, the thought of being President of the Hockey Hall of Fame has to be a kids "dream job" .. aside from actually playing in the NHL ... of course!

DR. GREG DENOMME ... is a scientist and researcher at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto in the field of transfusion medicine and its relation to hemolytic diseases of the newborn and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia. Greg received his doctorate from the University of Western Ontario in 1993. He is a scholar of Bayer/Canadian Blood Services/Medical Research Council and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Over the years Greg won many awards and scholarships, attracted research grants and published numerous articles. Greg is the son of Lorne Denomme and Mabel Etue.

BERNARD CHARLES DENOMY ... Born in Chatham, Ontario, he was the son of Frank Denomme & Anne M. Bedard. On June 24, 1944, Bernard was an RCAF co-pilot of a Canso aircraft that attacked and sunk a German U-Boat. In doing so, the aircraft was severely damaged, and ditched in the North Atlantic. Bernard and his crew mates spent the next 21 hours in the water before being rescued. For his contribution to the sinking and the survival of his crew mates, Bernard was awarded the Distinguished Service Order. In 1979 Canada Post released a stamp commemorating the sinking of U-1225 by Bernard's aircraft.

JAYSON DENOMMEE ... A young figure skater that is well known within figure skating circles. Jayson was one of our mysteries (see the Denomme Mysteries web page). he is the son of Daniel Denommee and Carole Desmarais.

JEAN MARC DENOMME ... is a major contributor and researcher to this book, and is also the author of several books on pedagogy. He was a Vice President of the Checoutimi campus of the University of Quebec before his retirement. He and his wife, Madeleine, lectured, researched and enjoy travelling the globe. Jean-Marc died in August 2010.

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