Denomme Mysteries

Art's definition of a Denomme mystery is when he has information on an individual, or branch of our family, but does not know where they fit into the tree. The book, unfortunately, still has quite a few pages of "mysteries"

In the Ottawa river, between Ottawa and Hull is an island named Lumpy Denommee's Island. In June 2017 I was contacted by two individuals from the Ottawa area wondering if I had any clues to who "Lumpy" was. I was unable to help them. Denomme(e)'s were in the Hull area as early as the 1820's and in Ottawa in the early 1900's. If anyone has any information that can shed light on "Lumpy", please contact me.

SOLVED ...... No story moved me more than this one during the years that I was writing the book. I would put a mystery on this web page and for the most part, many of them were solved rather quickly. Denise's mystery was on this page for years. When Marie-Louise's son contacted me from Hamilton and told me that the information sounded an awful lot like his mother, we spent time to confirm the information. I then had the pleasure of contacting Denise to let her know that the mystery had been solved. It resulted in the uniting of two families that did not know the other existed. The families from the two marriages met in 2004 in Hamilton.

Marie-Louise moved to Hamilton, Ontario in 1941-42 and married/partnered with Moïse Danis, who changed his name to Moise Davis. Marie-Louise and Moise had two children. A mystery from Denise Darlow ... My family has been searching for my grandmother, Marie-Louise Denommé, ever since she disappeared from Blue Sea Lake, Quebec in 1941. She left with a man by the name of Moïse Danis. She was born on December 11, 1902, the daughter of Antoine Denommé and Marguerite Denommé.

SOLVED ...... Jayson is the son of Daniel Denommee and Carole Desmarais. Thank you to his CuZin Nicole, for helping us locate Jayson in our family tree .... Jayson Denommee (the figure skater).

SOLVED .. we think?? ...... After considerable research, we believe Jean-Baptiste Denomme, born on December 31, 1806 in St. Cuthbert, Berthier, Quebec and the son of Jean-Baptiste Joseph Denomme and Marie-Madeleine Allard to be our mystery man. He was recorded in the US census of 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. The 1860 census, recorded his place of birth as “Southern Canada” sic Lower Canada, which is today the province of Quebec, and his age (while inconsistent from one census to the other) averaged his year of birth as being 1808. His occupation was initially recorded as “voyageur” and later as labourer. . Jean Baptiste Denomie was born in 1808 in LaPointe, Madeline Island, Lake Superior. Married on December 25, 1835 to JOSETTE WA-BI-ZHE-SHI-KWE (Josette was also known as Joseth). Jean Baptiste died on June 19, 1881 at about 72 years of age. Art does not have any information on Jean Baptiste's parents ... and so again, we do not know where to fit him and his children into the Denomme tree.



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